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Cell Count Test 2021

Practical test conducted by Vetmarket on a dairyfarm with 800 cows.
10 cows administered with a SCC™ bolus.
10 cows in the control group.

Conclusion of the results:
SCC decrease from 836 to 393. Cows administered with the SCC bolus™ have 2 litres higher milk production.

Cell Count Test 2019

Practical test conducted by distributor Vetmarket in Lithuania. Cows on 7 dairyfarms with numbers between 50- and 1300 cows were tested. In total a number of 221 cows were selected.

85% of the cows with a high somatic cell count reacted positively on the effect of the SCC bolus. The SCC count of these cows decreased with 75%!


We succesfully work with the Carton products for several years. The fact that they contain all natural ingredients is a big advantage for us.

- Kęstutis Sincevičius - Vetmarket Lithuania

The SCC-Bolus helps us to get in control of the high SCC in a natural, easy and effective way. Farmers who tried it once will keep using them.

- Ryall O'Mahony LTD - Ireland